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A Groove Analyzed

See what happens when you send me a tight poem? Thanks Karen, because a Groove is a terrible thing to waste.

A groove analyzed is poetry recited by vibration of sound directly into the soul ~ This phenomenon makes heads nod, toes tap, knees bounce, and bodies roll ~ "That's my jam" is the overwhelming response of the crowd to the D.J.'s poll ~ They show it on the dance floor ~ yearning for more ~ Opening the door to the very core of their being ~ Something quite freeing ~ expressions of emotions past aids the eye in seeing ~ Groove has got to be a lady ~ wielding subtle powers and remaining quite shady ~ Jezebel seducing the body into motion ~ releasing a dammed river into the currents of the ocean ~ A potion whose formula is kept in secrecy ~ Bass, keys, and percussion tuned to the right frequency ~ Bass, keys, and percussion to the right frequency...

Some take a pinch of Groove -- just to season ~ like fatback and greens -- you know how folks be greasin' ~ Groove is the neckbones that grandma used to make ~ I bring them deep fried not fake like shake and bake ~ Like barbecue on the 4th of July ~ Groove so good make you slap your mama in the eye ~ Afterwards have a slice of sweet Groove potato pie ~ Because you know the Groove is hittin' you can't deny ~ that a sprinkle of Groove makes everything taste better ~ Like a spoonful of sugar when you're swallowing the letter ~ It's the cheddar in your macaroni and cheese ~ at the table of soulfood "could you pass the Groove please?" ~ Be careful it's hot, you sure got a lot ~ Put Groove on a hook and the fish is caught ~ Put Groove on a hook and the fish is caught

There is Groove soft to the touch like satin, silk, and such ~ Then there is Groove that's rough and cuts with a shell like coconut ~ There is Groove that goes down smooth like an elixir ~ And there's that kind that burns your throat and gets you hype -- a party mixer ~ Hey mister, would you liek to buy a watch ~ It's genuine Groove made in Switerland, top notch ~ From Japan to Thailand, Hawaiian Islands, New York, Chicago, did you know El Paso, tennessee, Cali, right up your alley ~ A Groove of hosts, everybody must recognize ~ Be wise the same Groove can wear a different disguise ~ Be wise the same Groove can wear a different disguise

Possession of the Groove is possession of the soul ~ Similar to Miss Jackson, the Groove is in control ~ The whole world is in the palm of the hand of the entity which the Groove first began ~ Since then, the Groove's been twisted ~ Ever since we left Eden mankind has missed it ~ Groove without purpose is empty ~ To put it simply, like school on Saturday -- No class ~ Life is a vapor, our flesh like grass ~ While Groove is the wind that guides our direction ~ but we're steady grooving without discretion ~ Like the old lady who lived in a shoe ~ We're hearing so much we just don't know what to do ~ Here's a question addressed to you ~ Do you ever really hear what you're listening to? ~ Seriously, it's the Groove that controls your thoughts, so what are you thinking? ~ the Groove controls your thoughts so what are you thinking?