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Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Maria Antoinette...

I am happy to say that I finally updated my page. I have a few pages that I had been working on in my free seconds here and there and I finally have them up. I want to appologize to everyone who has been waiting (and may have forgot about me), but here is something. I'm not satisfied with the format and everything, but I did want to put something together for y'all.

For any first time visitors or anyone who just loves to read about David Finley, here I am. I am a 20 year old computer science major matriculating at Hampton University. This is my sophomore year and I am trying to be all that I can be under G-O-D.

For formality sake you can e-mail me at but please refrain from cursing me out for being lazy on the page.

Click this swirly, element thingy below to go to the other pages. Or you can stay here and stare at my guestbook pen (I know, it fascinates me too!)

If you want to see a page that is being improved by the minute, click this link to go to the lovely Tanasha's page.

If you don't sign my guestbook, you will be sniped.

I want to hear from you everytime you come in!!!

Over served.

"The World belongs to the Patient Man"

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