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The Deep End

A lot of this may not make sense because I wrote it 5 minutes before my Calculus class, so bear with me...

I hope I don't lose this...

The truth about the Truth is the Truth. The truth is the truth. The truth behind the truth is that we know the truth. Have I lost you yet? It is in our grasp, the truth that is, more than we can allow ourselves to accept, but I'll get to that later. We all have access to the truth, but the best (or worst) part of it is that our understanding of the truth is so off based that we contradict the Truth.

How many times have you said "I don't know how to do this", when in actuallity we know we do. It is a powerful thing that causes men to interrupt their day to sit back and think about where he is actually going in his life, let alone for the rest of the day. That is the truth creeping up on you. You kow what you are doing, and you know why you are doing it, but accepting the truth is the larger issue. How much larger can the issue be? I pose that the true search isn't to find the Ultimate Truth, but to accept the Ultimate Truth.

You have within you a knowledge of the Truth, and you see the Truth all around you, but do you accept this Truth? We feel enlightened and a sort of mental catharsis when we hear or read of someone else speak the truth, but the truth is that you feel better only because that individual has confirmed your conception of the Truth. That moment of catharsis is attributed to the fact that that is the very moment when you accept the Truth. You already knew this, but you hadn't accepted it.

All things that are impossible, are impossible. All things that are possible, are possible. What do you consider in this world as being impossible? What do you consider to be possible? That is the Truth, and it will be the Truth as long as your individual "Truth Filter" or whatever limiting agent you want to call it, allows such things to fall into and out of your grasp. I am not saying that if you suddenly say, "all things are possible", that you will be able to accomplish all things. I am saying that as long as the individual has faith that something can be done, that thing can be done by that individual.

For the longest time, I went around saying that "I need to open my eyes", when I should have been saying "I need to accept what I am seeing."